IN OTHER NEWS… We’re giving away FREE Marketing Books for Writers!

In other news, in honor of my Southern Breeze, my SCBWI region’s annual spring conference, ┬ámy sister, Kathleen Vrona, and I are offering our marketing book for authors for free now through Wednesday.

Our good friend and fellow SCBWI Southern-Breeze member was kind enough to post an article about our book give away! Read it here: <a href=”” title=”Cathy C. Hall” target=”_blank”> </a>

Be sure and get our book while it’s FREE! Now through Wednesday.<a href=” ” title=”100 Small Fires” target=”_blank”> </a>

Authors, do you have a marketing strategy, technique, plan, idea or mechanism that produced great results?

Share it with us at, and we’ll share it with the writing community in our second edition, to be published in Kindle and paper form in late summer of this year. We’ll give you a shout-out and link to your author’s page!

Here’s to lighting fires under your writing AND your marketing!



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