TK Read is writer, a practicing attorney, a painter of people, lover of books, mother of three, and juggler of dreams. She has won awards for her painting and excels at portraiture and archaeological works.

TK started painting in high school when she wasn’t satisfied with the colors she could achieve in pencil. Her painting really took off after a running injury kept her confined for an extended period of time. She has won awards for her painting and excels at portraiture and archaeological works. She has painted commissioned portraits of a law school dean and other notaries.

Contact her at [email protected] for more information about commissioning a painting. Please note, prices vary depending on size and complexity of subject matter. Her base commission is $5,000.00 per piece based on a four – eight week turn-around, again depending on size and complexity.


Think Twice:

Think Twice is a painting of The University of Louisville’s cast of Rodin’s famous statue, The Thinker.

Think Twice is a 4’ x 4’ painting of the University of Louisville Administration building from the viewpoint of the building’s front entrance which looks out at a large scale cast of Auguste Rodin’s famous statute, The Thinker. The painting has the front view of the building reflected back at the viewer where normally Third Street could be. It was commissioned by the University of Louisville Law School Student Government Body and hangs in the University of Louisville Law School. For more information on The Thinker at the University of Louisville, read here:  

Poolside Siddhartha:  Poolside Siddhartha celebrates the wisdom and nobility of children.


Poolside Siddhartha celebrates the wisdom and nobility of children

Close up of Poolside Siddhartha by TK Read

Georgia Capital with Thrasher:  This painting celebrates the State of Georgia’s beautiful gold domed capital, and it’s state bird, the Brown Thrasher.

Painting of Georgia Capital with Thrasher by TK Read

A detail of the nesting Brown Thrasher and her babies

Guardian of the World:  This is painting of an imaginary guardian or angel who stands guard over the Earth, knowledge, and learning.

The Guardian of Knowledge


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